We played Joe's pub

Posted at 8:00 AM on March, 30 2014

Last night we played Joe's pub,  added show last minute and it was awesome. Focus and light.

On the horns joined us Jonathon Haffner, Clark Gayton, Eric Biondo (and we must have horns now in every show!!).

One the drums and percussion the wonderful Gilmar Gomes! 

Walter Nick was hosting the event for a new late night show on at 11 PM, called 'Walter's news at seven'. Walter, the perfect Anti-Host! Did anyone film with their Iphones? Good to see Carolyn, Dodo, Walter, and meet Daphne. New York personalities par excellence! 

Swing by my great friend Carolina K. 's store Carolina K collective


to pick up some clothing. Super designs folcloric rock! 

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